I believe each image has its own ultimate matching paper style which you choose at order time.

I use 4 paper styles each with its own texture and gloss level.

They are:

gloss metallic pearle - a very shiny surface where the whites are a little silvery and the colour and contrast is stunning - my default paper.

textured matte - a classic heavy watercolour-type paper with a distinct but masterful texture - used on most of my painted-effect images.

smooth matte - pure white, no texture, no reflection, incredible refinement.

semi-gloss canvas - artists' canvas with a sheen and real texture without the need to stretch.

All paper styles are identically priced.



A vital characteristic to achieving maximum impact and harmony in your chosen hanging space; every wall, space and surrounding feature and furniture item needs to be considered as a whole, so I offer a great range of choices to suit; most people choose too small and reduce impact and importance. Be bold!


All sizes are measured and listed by their longest side only, a guide to the size of the short size can be gained visually by its image.


Click on a picture of a sample room below, each one with a different style of image and their sizes to give you some ideas.


Most "conventional" prints are on a ratio of either 4:5 or 2:3 largely influenced by film vs digital origin. When you add panoramic to the mix which is commonly 1:3 but  can be anything, there is only one method to determine the size of your desired print - this is known as "longest side". This means a "1 metre print" will have a short side anywhere under the 1 metre long side. Just viewing the images will give you a good idea of the ratio of long to short side that will be produced on your chosen print. All prices are quoted on long side measurements.


All images are signed with a gold, silver or black pen. You will find an unprinted edge because framers love to have something to "hang on to". The print is rolled in a protective plastic and mailed in a cardboard tube.



The print is uncoated or laminated in any way; displayed as such achieves the greatest impact and connection to the viewer without barriers but at the possible cost of eventual deterioration of the surface, not the image itself which is listed by Epson and independent international testing laboratories as 70 years. If displaying unframed and without glass, hang in a room where cooking vapours, fire, smoke or fly sprays are unlikely to be present. As with all colour prints, direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting speeds fading considerably. Should minor cleaning - eg. a fly spot - by required eucalyptus oil or warm water on a cotton bud can be used. You may contact us for a free small sample to be sent to you for experimentation if so desired.


* in some cases this size may be beyond the acceptable quality limit of the

original media resulting in consultation and recommendation


* note:

the image number which appears when you enlarge an image


* choose

your size and price from above


* order:

by filling in the form, submitting and choosing whether to pay by PayPal or credit card


...after which you will receive a confirmation email


Large increase in freight charges and high damage risk mean offering mounting and framing online is loaded with problems and extra cost and there are numerous framing establishments around. If you want to keep your order for at least 200 years it needs to be behind glass; if superior display quality takes precedence over slight surface deterioration over many years then your print can be displayed by other means, and without glass but with protection from sun, fluorescent lights and fly spray.

Rivers On The Wall - photographic landscape images from Mal Austin, Givenworks